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"I have lived in the “IT” city of Nashville since 1993.  And have loved every minute of it.

My entertainment business has blessed me with the ability to travel and work around the globe, but as the old adage goes… there is no place like home.  I have always felt that Nashville is my home. While new to the politic arena, having worked with thousands of people, from multiple countries, over the past 35 years has truly made me love and appreciate this city, it’s unique character and it’s people.  It is my remit to each of you that the Admiration and Respect I have for our “small town” will never cease. 

As the community of Nashville, we are a growing, vibrant, changing, developing area that needs to be nurtured and cared for.   Cared for in a Fiscally Responsible manner.  Nurtured in future development that respects and promulgates our history and heritage.   Things I have worked very hard to achieve over these past 3 years as your Council representative.

I continue to believe that our city could use a lot of Common Sense.  Especially now.  And that is what I promise to deliver to the Metropolitan Council, as I have done for the past three years, should you choose to 'Vote Swope'.
I have been honored and humbled to represent District 4 on the Metro City Council for the last three years.  It has been an incredible experience.  Meeting thousands of my neighbors, hearing your issues and concerns, and learning how to make positive change occur within our city government and within our communities has been a joy.  Over these three years I have worked tirelessly to improve transit on a regional basis, mitigate overspending within our City budget, ensure responsible development within our District, and keep our community safe above all else.  I have done my very best to respond to every request, comment, email and phone call from each of you within 24 hours.  
I will continue to fight for Fiscal Responsibility in Government, a Transit program that makes sense to all of us, and the continued Safety of our community should you choose to 'Vote Swope' this August."

Traffic congestion and transit issues have been the number one concern in our city for years.  I ran for office in 2015 on a platform consisting of several goals including re-syncing traffic signals, implementing round-a-bouts, and Public Private Partnerships that incorporated the entire Middle Tennessee region when considering transit alternatives for the future.

What I have accomplished in the past three years is living up to those promises, and expanding the conversation in a number of concerns that continue working towards these goals.  These accomplishments include:

* A complete traffic re-signalization of 39 traffic lights, across both Davidson and Williamson counties in the Brentwood area.  We continue to sync lights along Old Hickory Blvd to match this initial signalization.  My thanks to both the Brentwood City Council and Metro for agreeing to work together on this.

* The expansion of Nolensville Road, to a five lane commuter corridor.  This TDOT controlled initiative has laid dormant for the past 12 years, until 3 years ago, when the State of TN and Metro finally agreed to push the project forward, at my insistence.  I thank the Mayors office and TDOT for realizing that this improvement was not only desperately needed, but overdue in its implementation.

* District 4 will see it's first Round-A-Bout at the intersection of Edmondson Pike, Mt Pisgah and Banbury Crossing to calm traffic, improve flow, and create a safer community.  It has taken 2 years to find a developer for that corner willing to donate the land necessary for this to happen.  Public Works is currently working with this developer to initiate this project within the next 9 months.

* I have requested, and continue to request, that TDOT look closer at the intersection of OHB and I-65.   This is one of, if not the worst intersections in Davidson Co.   I have suggested the use of flyover lanes to alleviate a considerable amount of traffic congestion in this area.  My design engineering for a new intersection is pictured below.

* I was the only Council Member to offer an alternative to the $9 Billion Dollar "Transit Referendum" which failed at the ballot box in 2018.  While my ideas are forward thinking, they can be implemented within 5 years, not 30, and they account for the entire 10 county Middle TN region.   Further, my entire plan costs one fifth of what was proposed, and utilizes future technologies rather than continuing to operate a city with 1850 tech.  You can explore the benefits of my "Intelligent Transit" plan at    We are currently in the process of working with the State of TN in the implementation of a pilot program to introduce this plan into the region within the coming 12 months.  

I will continue to explore and promulgate new ways in which we all can live, work and play in an environmentally clean, equitable and safe city.   These are issue that I have spent considerable time around the globe researching and hope that within the coming years, will become the new standard to excellence in Nashville not only relating to transit, but energy creation, affordable housing, workforce education, job enhancement, and budget savings within the City, and within every constituents own personal budgets.

You have my word that I will never cease exploring, designing, and pushing for a better way to move from one point to another, in a safe, clean, equitable environment that meets ALL our wants and needs.


While District 4 saw huge development previous to my taking office in 2015, I have done my absolute best in curtailing this rampant uncontrolled construction during the last three years.

While there have been a few compromises made in the name of what is best for each part of our District, I personally feel that we are collectively doing a great job of keeping unwanted development out of our District.

I am very happy to say that over the past three years, I have managed to achieve a number of things that were requested of me three years ago.  They include:

* Obtaining land for a park on the corner of Cloverland & Edmondson Pike.  The (+/- 8 acre) park will be built in the coming years, but the city now owns the land.

* Defeating the Plum Orchard development on Church St which would have made Church and Cloverland a permanent parking lot.

* Sponsored a wonderful development behind Granberry Elementary that over half of the land will be kept as open space forever.  Further, the Granberry Estate will remain as historical property forever as well.

* I was the lead Sponsor on legislation creating a Corridor Design Overlay to keep Nolensville Road in our district from becoming what it is closer to downtown with restrictive uses and design/construction mandates for any new developers.  

Over the past decade, I have personally witnessed the wonderfully different neighborhoods that exist throughout Nashville slowly change.  While I appreciate Responsible Development, I don’t believe that building multiple single family homes (condos) in the middle of a community of older established R40 zoned  (one house per acre) lots is helping our great neighborhoods in any positive manner.  Rather, I believe it is changing them for the worse.    These types of zoning changes drastically increase traffic, causing overcrowded streets; they directly cause a huge strain on outdated infrastructures (water, sewer, electric); and they FOREVER CHANGE the character of our City.

We can stop this with more thoughtful and responsible Planning and Zoning, not just in the urban areas, but throughout Davidson Co. 


That is why I have voted in favor of numerous Conservation Overlays within Davidson County.  These zoning tools assist in keeping neighborhoods character in tact, regardless of out of state developers with other goals in mind.


I will continue to work diligently to not only protect our neighborhoods, but continue to help make them more family friendly, accessible, and safer.


Since being elected in 2015, I am proud to say that every quarter since then, District 4 has been ranked number 1 or 2 of the safest districts in Metro Nashville.   I attribute this to our great community and the fantastic people that live within it. Community awareness, looking out for your neighbor, and family friendly environments are the reason for this honor.... and I plan to continue this effort to remain being the safest District in Nashville in the coming years. 

I am personally a huge fan of both Chief Anderson (Metro Police) and Sheriff Hall (Davidson County Sheriff’s Office).   I feel they both do an extraordinary job in maintaining the Law of the Land in Davidson County, and in Respecting the Rights of its’ citizens.  It has been a pleasure to work with each of them, and the amazing people within these departments who risk their lives daily to create a safe environment for us to enjoy.

The Fire Dept and their HEROS have had, and will continue to have, my total support and admiration, and that will continue.

We currently have 8 major Metro Police Precincts in and around Davidson Co, but as we grow, we will need additional resources and funding to further support the efforts of the Metro Police, Metro Fire, and the Davidson Sheriff’s office.  

One such need is in District 4.

We (District 4 residents) are currently served by the men and women in Blue from the Midtown Precinct.  This is located on 12th Ave (almost) in downtown Nashville.   I propose we establish a small sub station, to be shared with the Fire Hall in Nippers Corners, that would cut response times drastically to all of us who live in South Davidson Co.  This would also be a very Fiscally Responsible way in which to better serve our residents.

This is an issue that will take time.  All critical services in Nashville are in need, and as we continue to work towards satisfying the existing needs of our great city, the expansion of a new precinct in Dist 4 is on the minds of everyone, but still years away.   This is something that I will continue to keep on the minds of the administration.


I am a fervent believer that we pay ENOUGH taxes already.   To that end, I have voted NO to every proposed tax increase over the past 3 years.


Specifically, the proposed legislation to raise property taxes last Spring, and the massive tax referendum that was disguised as a Transit Referendum a year ago.  

During budget hearings last year, of which I personally attended over 40 hours of hearings, I suggested simply “cutting the fat” from our existing departmental expenditures for a total of 18 MILLION dollars in savings.   This would have made it possible to honor the COLA promise made by the Mayors Office and Council. All six bills, sponsored by myself and Councilman Glover, were voted down in open chambers.  This HAS to stop!  


I reiterate a promise I made to you as voters three years ago:  

I will continue to demand FISCAL RESPONSIBILTY from every department that is funded by Nashville taxpayers.

I am, and have been, in favor of responsible management of taxpayer dollars, and my voting record should show that fact.

As a business owner for the past 35 plus years, I learned a long time ago that spending funds that you do not have will create problems now, and complete failure in the future.

This is COMMON SENSE.  As least it is to me.

I promise to continue to bring my business acumen, Honest Fiscal Responsibility, and a Love for the Character of Nashville to the position of District 4 Metropolitan Council should you choose to Vote Swope.

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Edmondson Pike Ideas

OHB / I-65 Flyover Lanes

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